8 Best MAP Price Monitoring Tools for E-commerce

A brand can face serious repercussions if its partners consistently violate the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP). To prevent dumping and unfair competition, from which everyone stands to lose, it becomes the responsibility of brand managers to ensure diligent adherence to the brand’s price positioning. MAP price monitoring software can assist in this challenging task.

Today, there are several MAP monitoring solutions on the market that meet the needs of small, midsize, and large businesses. We have compiled a list of the best MAP price monitoring tools to showcase their capabilities and simplify your choice.


What Is MAP Monitoring?

What Are MAP Monitoring Tools?

8 Best MAP Price Monitoring Tools in 2024

7 Tips to Choose MAP Price Monitoring Software

What Is MAP Monitoring?

Minimum advertised price monitoring involves tracking and analyzing retail prices. Manufacturers or suppliers engage in MAP monitoring to maintain consistent product pricing across various sales channels.

Setting MAP policy is just the beginning of the marathon. On the rest of the course, an equally significant task awaits: effectively monitoring MAP compliance. For instance, a brand may aspire to hold a premium market position for its products. Establishing minimum advertised product prices is crucial to prevent retailers from engaging in dumping and ensure that the brand’s positioning isn’t distorted as a result of products being sold below certain prices.

If a retailer starts selling products below the designated MAP, a manufacturer with MAP monitoring in place can:

  • Track and record MAP violations
  • Notify a partner violating MAP about the issue
  • Take measures to encourage the partner to adhere to MAP in the future

MAP monitoring increases retailers’ interest in specific products by ensuring high margins and protecting against unfair competition.

What Are MAP Monitoring Tools?

To identify deviations from the minimum advertised price, it is necessary to regularly analyze prices and take snapshots across all partners. This involves analyzing thousands of retailers, hundreds of thousands of products, and millions of price variations – every day! Manually tracking such volumes of data is simply unrealistic. This is where price monitoring tools come in, handling the routine work for you.

The best MAP price monitoring tools automate the analysis and tracking of prices for products online. They scan specified online stores and marketplaces, collecting information about the prices of your products. This data is then processed, compared, and analyzed.

Analysis results may include information about current prices, price changes over specific time intervals, promotions, and discounts. Some MAP monitoring tools automatically notify partners about MAP violations.

The key advantages of MAP monitoring solutions include:

  • Instant scanning of websites for efficient and quick MAP monitoring
  • Zero risk of human error in data collection and analysis
  • Accurate and up-to-date information from all partner websites for informed decision-making
  • Ability to save time and resources of the brand’s team

MAP monitoring services allow for promptly detecting and responding to violations.

8 Best MAP Price Monitoring Tools in 2024

1. Pricer24

Price: Starting at $250/30 days

Free trial: Available upon request

Pricer24 is a SaaS platform for product analytics that offers numerous capabilities for vendors and distributors, including MAP monitoring. It provides a comprehensive solution for analyzing and controlling prices in online stores, marketplaces, and price aggregators.


Key Features:

  • High Data Quality: Data is updated multiple times a day, with accuracy exceeding 99.5%.
  • Flexible Reporting System: The Pricer24 platform offers various report types for different tasks: Price Comparison, Price Fluctuations, History of MAP Violations. Reports can be personalized using custom tags and parameters for data segmentation, and they can be added to dashboards for daily monitoring.
  • Extensive Analysis Capabilities:
  1. Macro-level analysis allows for identification of retailers with the most violations, assessing the frequency and volume of online stores neglecting MAP.
  2. Retailer-level analysis allows for setting monitoring parameters and tracking every deviation in key partner stores.
  3. Product-level analysis allows for comparing price changes for an item among different sellers, facilitating a quick understanding of which partner first violated MAP.
  • Automated Notification System: Pricer24 automatically sends emails with attached Excel tables containing lists of products with detected MAP violations.
  • Customer Support: The platform provides technical support. Users can create support tasks directly in their accounts and track their progress.

2. Minderest

Price: Customized for each client

Demo version: Available for free upon request

Minderest helps businesses make informed decisions regarding pricing and strategic market positioning. It ensures process automation and provides the capability for in-depth data analysis. Minderest’s MAP monitoring tool allows for efficient tracking and quick detection of price dumping.

Source: twitter.com/minderest

Key Features:

  • Data Parsing: Minderest offers real-time tracking of distributor retail prices in any country, currency, and online store.
  • Price Matching: Maximum accuracy is achieved through an intelligent matching algorithm and a team of experts who perform manual comparisons.
  • Notification System: Functionality is available for alerting about market price changes via email, including screenshots of websites where MAP deviations were identified.
  • Data Visualization: An intuitive information panel and program navigation make for effective data visualization.

3. Dealavo

Price: Customized for each client

Demo version: Available for free upon request

Dealavo offers a comprehensive tool for tracking and managing pricing strategies across various online channels. The platform allows for real-time monitoring of Minimum Advertised Prices (MAPs) and quick detection of deviations.

Source: Dealavo

Key Features:

  • Data Quality: Dealavo follows the double-check principle, where AI algorithms conduct the majority of the work and company experts manually verify the quality of the analysis.
  • Reporting System: Dealavo provides advanced analytics and reporting capabilities on market dynamics, competitor prices, and overall price positioning. It provides easy access to important information thanks to smart report organization.
  • Service: Responsive customer support with a dedicated client manager ensures uninterrupted platform operation and assistance with scaling.

4. Prisync

Price: Starting at $99/30 days

Demo version: Free for up to 14 days

Prisync is a real-time MAP monitoring platform for partner sales points, providing alerts for detected violations. It meets the needs of small and midsize businesses, allowing them to stay informed about partner pricing policies and promptly respond to changes in the pricing environment.

Source: Prisync

Key Features:

  • Data Collection: Prisync monitors prices in both online stores and marketplaces.
  • Notification System: Users can get customizable daily reports and instant notifications of price changes.
  • Data Visualization: Reports are available at both the brand and category levels.
  • Exporting to Excel: All data available in the account can be exported to an Excel file, which can be automatically sent by email.

5. Price2Spy

Price: Starting at $19.95/30 days

Demo version: Free for up to 30 days

Price2Spy is MAP price monitoring software that checks data in online stores, social networks, marketplaces, price aggregators, etc.

Source: Price2Spy

Key Features:

  • Data Parsing: The solution can collect data from websites, marketplaces (such as Amazon), and social networks.
  • Data Matching: Matching occurs on the client’s side or, for an additional fee, on the service side.
  • Reports: Price2Spy offers multiple report options, with the ability to download analytics in various formats.
  • Notification System: MAP violations are supported by website screenshots.

6. Intelligence Node

Price: Customized for each client

Demo version: Free upon request

Intelligence Node allows for real-time tracking of dishonest partners, identifies MAP violations, and pinpoints retailers or distributors with a high risk of price deviations.

Source: Intelligence Node

Key Features:

  • Data Updates: A high update frequency allows for effective detection of the first retailer deviating from MAP.
  • Notification System: Intelligence Node supports real-time notifications on the dashboard, with the option to receive email notifications.
  • Technical Integration: The solution is plug-and-play, without the need for manual configuration.
  • Counterfeit Detection: Through image and product attribute AI analysis, Intelligence Node can identify counterfeit products and unauthorized sellers.

7. PriceSpider

Price: Customized for each client

Demo version: Available for free upon request

PriceSpider is a MAP price monitoring platform that offers in-depth scanning of an unlimited number of online stores and websites to control the recommended retail price.

Source: PriceSpider

Key Features:

  • Data Collection: Price Spider scrapes price data every three hours.
  • Data Matching: Products are searched for not only by SKU or UPC but also by name and other metadata, aiding in identification of unauthorized sellers.
  • Notification System: Users can send MAP violation notices to a seller in bulk.
  • Data Visualization: A simple information panel offers understandable operations and settings logic.

8. Priceva

Price: Customized for each client

Demo version: Available for free

Priceva is a MAP monitoring platform that supports monitoring in multiple currencies.

Source: Priceva

Key Features:

  • Data Collection: Priceva can search for a product by name, SKU, and other parameters.
  • Reports: Advanced filters offer detailed analysis of monitoring results, with visualization of data in graphs.
  • Notification System: Regular notifications about price fluctuations and MAP violations can be customized based on a personalized schedule.

7 Tips to Choose MAP Price Monitoring Software

To assist you in navigating the best MAP price monitoring tools, we’ve compiled a few tips to streamline the selection process.

  1. Ensure that the platform considers various parameters when collecting data. It’s crucial for your chosen tool to cover different markets, especially if your brand is global. This ensures the completeness and representativeness of the data.
  2. Pay attention to whether the solution offers additional features, such as price history tracking.
  3. Decide whether you need to integrate with your own data processing system. Also, consider integration options provided by the vendor, how straightforward and accessible they are, and how they may impact the solution’s cost.
  4. Evaluate how user-friendly the interface is and whether the tool has customer support. This is important to facilitate training for your managers. Ensure that the tool presents data in a convenient format and has the option to export data to Excel or other formats you use.
  5. It’s crucial to be able to tailor notifications for price changes, ensuring a swift response to market dynamics.
  6. Confirm that a free trial period is offered. A trial enables you to evaluate functionality, the convenience of the user interface, and the application’s logic.
  7. When choosing MAP monitoring software, read user reviews and consider product ratings to get an understanding of whether a product will meet your requirements.


The best MAP monitoring tools can save significant time and effort for your team. Price analysis that previously took hours or days can now be automated within minutes, ensuring that even minor price reductions do not go unnoticed.


What is a MAP monitoring tool?

A MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) monitoring tool is a software solution designed to help brands and manufacturers monitor and enforce their minimum advertised pricing policies across various online channels. MAP policies are agreements between brands/manufacturers and their retailers or distributors, specifying the lowest price at which their products can be advertised. These policies are aimed at maintaining a level playing field among retailers and protecting brand value.

MAP monitoring tools typically work by continually scanning online marketplaces, e-commerce websites, and other digital channels to detect instances where products are being advertised below the agreed minimum price. When violations are detected, a tool can alert the manufacturer or brand, allowing them to take appropriate action, such as contacting the retailer to address the issue or enforcing penalties for non-compliance.

How can I get a demo of your MAP monitoring software?

You can leave a request in the form on our website. Our manager will contact you and offer time slots for a demo presentation to show you the possibilities of the Pricer24 platform.

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